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Yuisa Jasarevic
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Yuisa Jasarevic dejó un comentario para Balana'ni
"Tau! Gracias :)"
Ago 23, 2013
Balana'ni dejó un comentario para Yuisa Jasarevic
"Tairiken!  Bienvenida!"
Ago 23, 2013
Yuisa Jasarevic ahora es miembro de Los Tainos Arawacos tradicionalistas De Boriken
Ago 23, 2013

Información de perfil

Fecha de Nacimiento / Birth Date
junio 24, 1980
Ciudad / City, State
Roanoke, VA
Sobre Usted / About You
I am writing in English because my Spanish is a little rough. I am the daughter of two native-born Puerto Ricans, but I was born in Hartford, CT and raised in the United States. I have always felt a strong connection to the island and embrace the knowledge that I have been given about Taino history. I realize that there is so much more to learn than what I already have and have decided to embark on a journey of self discovery and understand my roots in greater detail.
Razones Para Integrar / Reasons for Joining
My reasons for joining are numerous, but I will simply say that I am experiencing an awakening. I feel that this is a calling that I must attend to and I am willingly following my heart where it is leading me.
Donde ha Escuchado Sobre Nosotros? / Where did you Hear From Us?
I found this site while searching the internet for resources and basically any information that I could find about Tainos.

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A las 7:44pm del agosto 23, 2013, Balana'ni dijo...

Tairiken!  Bienvenida!


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